I’m just so tired of the same old arguments. I’m tired of the idea that one political party is somehow better than the other. I’m tired of fear being the main motivator.

I come from a fundamental Christian background. That also means I’ve been mostly surrounded by staunch Republicans my whole life. In my younger years, I considered myself one.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen that both parties are incredibly flawed.

I disagree with much of the Democratic Party platform. But I also see them seeking to care for the poor and marginalized in society.

I tend to agree with more of the Republican Party platform than I do the Democrats. But I’m disgusted by the way Republicans use fear to push their agenda.

Today, I’m probably more of an Independent than anything. But I’m having fits in figuring out who to vote for. I’m appalled by my evangelical friends who seem to sugarcoat Donald Trump’s rhetoric and actions. But I’m also not settled on some of Hillary Clinton’s policy and track record.

As I said in the piece, my vote is not for others to know about. And I am not trying to influence anyone else’s vote. My sole purpose is to open up dialogue so people like me who have been fearful of discussing politics can begin to open up and learn from those around us.

Thanks for listening. :)

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