Life Will Never Slow Down

It’s up to you to find the “slow” moments…

Aaron Charles


Photo credit: Matese Fields on Unsplash

Can I be honest with you, internet reader? Maybe we’ve never met, and maybe we have. Either way, I have something I need to get off my chest.

I struggle with insecurity…often.

Whew, there I said it. That felt good. So much of social media feels like it’s about putting our best out there for the world to see. Sometimes it feels good to let everyone in on the other stuff.

By often, I mean that I struggle with insecurity basically every day.

I’m a big fan of social media, but even I have to admit that it can add to this feeling. You see everyone posting their filtered photos and travel status updates and it sometimes feels like you’re falling behind.

Falling behind — there’s that phrase. Life goes so fast, and we’re constantly stuck in the muck of our own lives. There are bills to pay and work responsibilities. We get home and there are family responsibilities. Any dreams we might have in the margins of all that seem to get blurred very quickly. Then, we hop on social media and see that our friend just booked a trip to Bali. We all know it’s not good to compare, yet who among us hasn’t done it? We think that if life just slowed down for us to get our hands around it, we’d be fine.

Photo credit: Octavian Rosca on Unsplash

News flash — life is never going to slow down.

We’re never going to feel like we have a complete grasp on it all. We can’t bend life to our will and make it slow its pace. Life is fast now, it’s just the world we live in.

Yet there are still moments when we can find a slower pace within the hectic nature of our lives. These moments are fleeting and they must be sought after. But they are there. Right in front of us. It’s just a matter of finding them.

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