The Next Day

Yesterday, Peyton Manning retired after 18 years of playing football. It got me thinking about moving on and what happens on the next day.

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State Champions

I went to a small private school in Indiana. For boys, our school had soccer and basketball. My sophomore year, our soccer team was a juggernaut.

We had some fun.

Watching No. 18

Yesterday, Peyton Manning retired after an 18-year career in the NFL. Around the same time I was playing soccer at Community Baptist, I was also busy being the biggest Peyton Manning fan around.

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What Now?

So we watch the highlight videos and cherish all the memories. Hey, I get it, I was doing that yesterday, too. But what about today?

Enjoy the Journey

That state soccer championship came in 2008, my sophomore year of high school. The very next season, we won another state title. Another epic journey. But then? Yeah, you guessed it.

The best day of my life.

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