The Power of the Present Moment

Find the treasure in the place you are today.

Aaron Charles
6 min readNov 10, 2017


A photo taken from my 12th floor hotel room on a rainy afternoon in Indianapolis.

The neon lights of the movie theater marquee blazed before my eyes as rain fell down amid the steel giants rising into the Indiana sky. There’s always a particular kind of excitement I feel before seeing a movie on the big screen. Tonight was even more unique.

I was in Indianapolis for a work event, and I had just gotten dinner with my Mom before heading back into the city to the hotel where I was staying. But earlier in the day, I had noticed that the downtown movie theater had a late-night showing of Blade Runner 2049, a new movie I really wanted to see. I was about to see it by myself in a big city theater. I called my wife before I went in so she could share in the excitement.

I had told her about my plans earlier in the day, and she said it sounded like a fun idea. However, her tune had now changed. As I spoke with her on my cell phone in the rain, she said that staying out until 1 am to see a movie in the city by myself might not be the best idea.

I relunctantly turned around and walked back to my hotel room in the rain. I was a frustrated mess of entitlement. My attitude was far worse than the weather that seemed to mock me from above. When I got back to my hotel room after getting off the phone with my wife, I sulked in the bed for about 15 minutes before thankfully coming to my senses.

Why was I mad? I felt that I was independent enough to handle myself in the big city. I felt that I had missed out on a cool experience.

But then I turned to look out the window of my 12th-floor hotel room. I sat up and noticed the novel that I had brought with me on my trip. I realized that there were unique experiences waiting for me in that very moment. Continuing to sulk would deprive me of enjoying them. I sat in the comfy chair in the corner of the room and looked out over Indianapolis at night while I read Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. Not only was all well, but all was fantastic.

Also, and I really cannot stress this point enough, but my wife was right — as she so often is. Staying out until 1 am to see a movie in a big city by myself was probably not a great decision. I’m so blessed to have a wife who helps bring clarity to my life when



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